Photo-realistic bronze bust, plaque or sculpture
Capture a special person or historical moment with an unique touch

A tribute for generations, with unparalleled resemblance

An exceptional achievement, a special person, or a historic milestone, how do you make it tangible? Discover our unforgettable tribute: a photo-realistic bronze statue. An excellent way to capture an anniversary, business succession, wedding gift, or family transfer. For yourself, the owner, colleague, or as a special memorial to a lost loved one. Besides a bronze statue for persons, it’s also suitable to create a historical monument.

Where an artist or ordinary sculptor goes for his interpretation, at PhotoSculptura, you opt for similarity to perfection.

PhotoSculptura captures every extraordinary story in a unique bronze statue. According to our customers, a great way to show many generations how valuable something or someone has been to your brand, company, family, region, or nation. Our expertise in bronze is very versatile. For example, choose a bronze bust, bronze plaque, or a statue in bronze. One thing is for sure, because of our advanced 3D capturing and sculpting technology, you always get perfect results.

Discover the possibilities of a bronze sculpture

Pure and superior craft

Special achievements deserve hours of craft. We only use the most modern techniques to portray the special character traits in every detail. In this, we measure ourselves against the top of Europe. Having the bronze statue made is quite an experience in itself. Curious about what awaits you? Watch the video above.

A bronze statue based on photos

An assignment with a sculptor often takes 6 posing sessions of several hours. As digital sculptors, we make your image based on high-resolution photos. Whether it is a person or an object, it makes no difference.

Shipping world wide, and always to your liking

Although we are from the Netherlands, we have shipped our bronze statues and sculptures to all over the world. From as close as Belgium and Germany, to as far as Suriname and Aruba. We will provide our services in finding the right cargo conditions so it arrives in perfect shape.


Follow and control the crafting process via skype, teams, youtube or any tool you prefer

You can follow our digital sculpting process step by step. And, you can even adjust the design live via Skype, Zoom or WhatsApp.  This way you’ll be sure you won’t be surprised by the ‘artist’s interpretation’. You will simply get a perfectly similar looking sculpture. This also goes when have a monument made or a laying of the first stone. You can keep a grip on the design until just before the bronze casting.

Clients about our bronze statues and service


A very original gift to put someone in the limelight. My husband’s statue is beautifully on the piano. I would like to recommend PhotoSculptura to my business relations and acquaintances.


After the digital camera, this is the next important development in photography. It is fascinating to help create sculpting portrait photography.


The bust has become very beautiful. It really speaks, 1 to 1. Exactly as my father is, really Jan.


My father had a very nice day, and in the end, did not suspect anything at all. So we can say that it was a very successful day. Thanks for all the time, and the beautiful sculpture.


It was an unforgettable success when the wedding plaque was unveiled in the presence of family and friends. Highly recommended.

We also made silver tea spoons of it. Excellent price/quality ratio and very nice people.

References of our bronze statues

A bronze bust, plaque of statue always to your liking

Who knows the person or the moment for which you want to make a bronze statue better than you do? You therefore remain closely involved in the design. In addition to photo-realistic, the person should remain the person as you know him or her. This way you can be sure that you will soon be giving the imagined person an unforgettable tribute. If you have a monument made or a first stone laid, you will keep a grip on the design until we start bronze casting.