How is a bronze statue made?

The creation process

Making a bronze statue is an impressive and balanced 7-step process. An experience where we involve you a lot, from posing to unveiling. Together we create an image that reflects the character of the person identically.

Send high detail pictures

The shortest step of the process is posing, you have already done that! We develop our bronze statues on the basis of your existing high-resolution photos. Based on those images, we compose a 3D design. That saves you hours of sitting still. Not high resolution? No problem, we do need more photos, so we have multiple angles to copy the details of someone.


After creating the 3D-model, we refine every detail with the eye of an eagle. The character of the person is central here. Together we put the finishing touches. You can watch live via Skype and make adjustments as desired. Once you are satisfied, the design is complete.

Create wax model

The digital design gets solid matter for the first time in the form of the wax model. After this is finished, we will hold a mini-revealing on location or in our studio. You can watch this via skype, or any prefered tool you use, if you wish. This is the first moment we can touch the statue. Exciting!

Make a mold

After your agreement on the wax model, we make the casting mold behind the scenes. At first less interesting, but still very important. A good casting mold ensures that no air bubbles and cold running (early solidification) occur. A precision job in which patience and craftsmanship are central.

bronze casting

One of the highlights during the making of the statue remains the bronze casting. It’s a marvelous moment where you can feel the heat, watch us cast the statue, and later knock the statue out of the mold for you. If you can visit, we advise you to do so. If not, don’t worry. We film every bit of this process, so we send you a compilation so that you won’t miss a thing.


After the sculpture has come out of the mold, it is finished (grinding the casting channels, etc.). It is then time to give the image its grandeur. This is called patination. A thermo-chemical process in which we accelerate the oxidation of the bronze. You decide which patina you want. We have three types. Traditionally brown or green, or nowadays much chosen black. There is no arguing about taste, so we especially advise: choose what best suits the character!

The unveiling

The statue is ready and shipped to anywhere in the world. All that remains: the unveiling! Although you have already followed most of the steps, it remains a fantastic gift to unveil. And if it’s still a surprise, now is the time to make someone very proud.

Experience this experience and give it as a gift

We look forward to capturing your story beautifully. Convinced we can do that? Contact us to discuss your wishes.