Discover the possibilities of your bronze bust, statue, and plaques

PhotoSculptura’s bronze busts and plaques are among the absolute European top. It includes the head, neck, neck and chest area. Though we also do live sized statues. The unique detailed expression in our images is unique. Just like the great influence, you will have during the entire process. Be inspired by all the details that are possible in your statue.

What is your type of Statue?

From plaques to busts to full-body statues, we have a lot of variation in sizes and the size of chests or people that could be visible in your result.

Double bust

For when you want to portray not one, but two people. For example a (business) partner. Height: 50 cm

Full chest bust

Proudly present the person with a large section of the torso. Height: 50 cm

Portrait bust

A life-size statue with the whole head and part of the neck and shoulders. Height: 40 cm.

Close-up bust

Zoom in on the person’s face. Height: 30 cm.

Quartet plaque

Put several partners or the whole family on one plaque. Format: 100x 40cm.

Double plaque

Portray the bond between two partners. Business, romantic or historic. Format: 60x 40cm.

Close-up plaque

Portray the story of one person in detail. Size 40 * 40cm

How would you like your statue? An open smile with bared teeth, wrinkles around the eyes, even glasses are possible (busts and statues only). Which patina, the color of your statue, will you choose? And last but not least: how will the finishing touch look like? The frame of your plague, or the pedestal of your bronze bust. Scroll down and grasp the tip of our possibilities.



Open smile


Green patina

Green is for the enthusiasts. The special people who love traditional but like to do things differently.

Brown patina

Bronze as we know bronze in color. This traditional colouring enhances someone’s authentic

Black patina

This dark colour accentuates the acquired status. Much chosen these days bij modern oriented people.


This can be informal, with an open collar. Or with a jacket and a tie.


Make the special accessories that someone wears in bronze. Think of glasses, a pin or a royal decoration. It is all possible

Company logo

Incorporate a company logo or personal illustration into your sculpture or plaque. We can convert almost all logos into one that’s suitable for casting your plaque.

Custom text

Complete the story with your own special text. From a name, poem, quote to a short story. It is all possible with a bronze plaque, or bust.

Picture elements

Use picture elements that most characterize the person. For example, these plants for the man who founded a successful plant nursery.

De finishing touch


An engraved picture can be placed on all pedestals, or under your plaque


Frequently chosen: The cast inscription plate has the same patina as the statue.

Natural Oak

This light color makes the image stand out even more. Especially if you choose a dark colour image.

Belgian Bluestone

Belgian bluestone is known for its massive properties but soft appearance.

Black granite

his high-gloss plinth contrasts beautifully with the image.

Finishing touch for plaques: the frame


A subtle bevel all around makes the image shine in full glory.


A frame as you know it from a painting. Traditional and dazzling.


You want something special? We tailor it or surprise you with your own creation. Like this denim frame.

How do you envision the end result?

Commissioning a custom bronze statue or sculpt is a personal proces. What you have seen on this page is just the tip of our possibilities. Tell us your wishes, and we can probably create it. Whether you think about different material, or like to see a unique detail in your statue like a motor jacket, logo, or denim frame.