Son recently formally took over the business. Father and mother take a step back to enjoy the fruits of their hard work. The son wanted to make clear they could do this with peace of mind by coming up with a special gesture: a bronze plaque. He sees it as a unique tribute to the beautiful foundation. A wonderful gift to make the family transfer successful.

Project Details

Date: October 30, 2015

Special about this plaque: In addition to the portraits of his enterprising parents, he also wanted to portray the story of the textile company. We placed the logo between them and casted the names of the founders. We also provided the plaque with a unique frame based on denim.
Response: The plan was kept secret from the parents. With a sly excuse, we lured them into the studio to pose. When the revelation came, they were astonished. It is now given a nice spot on the wall of their first store. A wonderful memory.

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