Volendam now has one professional club in FC Volendam and one amateur club in RKAV Volendam, but the two have their origins as the same club.

RKAV Volendam (Roman Catholic Amateur Football Club Volendam) is a Dutch amateur football club, founded on June 1, 1920 with the name Victoria. The name was soon changed to RKSV Volendam (Roman Catholic Sports Association Volendam). The club did not join the KNVB, but the Catholic Football Association, where it became national champions in 1935 and 1938. In 1940 the club ended up at the KNVB after all other associations had been merged into the KNVB. On July 1, 1977, the club was split into professional club FC Volendam and amateur club RKAV Volendam.

This bronze plaque was made in memory of the anniversary of 100 years of football in Volendam.
Disclosure Unveiling RSKV plaque and Unveiling plaque RKSV part 2

onthulling rksv bronzen plaquette rksv volendam 100 jarig bestaan
Reason: anniversary Execution: plaque Patina: black Logo: logo Background: village center Volendam
Special about this statue: The plaque is made after a photo dating back to the early days of RKAV. It shows the first footballers from Volendam (early 20th century) - RKAV Volendam. Response: All are very pleased with the end result. This is evident from the reactions in the various media.

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