Heenvliet was a fishing village on the Bornisse in Voorne-Putten. In 1469 the town received city rights, at the same time as a weekly market and a horse market.

To celebrate this, the municipality of Nissewaard had a beautiful bronze plaque made. This plaque is attached to the ground on the Markt in Heenvliet. This market square has been preserved in its old state over the centuries.

Bronzen plaquette steenlegging in Heenvliet herdenking 550 jaar stadsrechten
Project Details

Client: Heenvliet

Date: January 4, 2021

Reason: anniversary Execution: plaque Patina: black Logo: two coats of arms (Heenvliet and the municipality of Nissewaard) Background: - It was a requirement of the municipality that the weapons had to be as precise as possible. So good that the lion's nails must be recognizable. Left the old coat of arms of Heenvliet and right the coat of arms of the municipality of Nissewaard. the following text: “… Mined my deeds and given them, gonne ende giving with my letter, city justice and the rights and freedoms as described hereafter…”
In 1469, Mr. Adriaan van Cruyningen gave the then Heenvliet city court. This gave trade a boost. It meant that Heenvliet was allowed to organize a weekly and an annual fair. The current horse market is a remnant of that. This plaque was donated by the municipality of Nissewaard on the occasion of 550 years of the city of Heenvliet. Response: All are very pleased with the end result. This is evident from this video on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kvwhjutG8j8

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