This bronze bust is a gift from entrepreneurs from Hierden. They much admire the folk artist who had a serious accident in 1987, less than 200 meters from his home. The great perseverance and successes that Koos managed to achieve after his tragic accident still make a big impression on the entrepreneurs every day.

The Koos Alberts Award was also made based on this bust. This prize is awarded annually to Dutch singing talents.

Project Details

Date: January 29, 2016

Special about this statue: An important detail is the pimple for his right ear. Just like Koos' signature sagging corner of the mouth on the left. At the request of Joke we have slightly corrected the corner of the mouth. In the polo we have incorporated the Koos Alberts logo. Koos and Joke were also the first to follow the design and adjust via Skype. A very positive experience. We achieved the desired result in less time and have it now incorporated in all projects.
Response: Koos unveiled the statue together with his grandson. Joke and Koos were impressed. "An honor to be brought to live."

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