For many years, the inhabitants of Ammerzoden have thought that their greatest sports hero should be appropriately honored, Boet deserves a statue.

Boet let the village enjoy his successes during his active career, but even now, he still makes the inhabitants proud of their hero and their village. A village of entrepreneurs, hard work, sober people, he brought international fame, top sport.

The time has now come to honor Boet with a permanent place in our village, a place where we can be together and talk about his talents, road racing, his unique driving style.

The day after placement, motorcyclists stopped at the statue to view it carefully. Given its location, it is expected to become a stop for motorcycle tours.

Project Details

Date: February 13, 2020

Special about this statue: It is a complex statue with numerous details; a name at the back, sponsor logo, zip, stitching in the motorcycle jacket. Together with his wife and daughters, the finishing touch was done at home with one of the daughters. The guarantee to arrive at an statue that meets expectations. Very nice was the significant involvement of the friends and entrepreneurs during the process. While casting the statue, it was a lot of fun with so many enthusiastic people. His wife, a daughter, the project manager, and various entrepreneurs. The statue was unveiled by Boet and Boetje (his grandson) in the presence of family, friends, acquaintances, NOS news, Brabant Dagblad, and so on.
Response: All are very pleased with the end result. This is evident from the attention that PhotoSculptura receives on the website Reason: award ceremony Version: bust Patina: black Logo: logo Background: N / A

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