Rksv 100 jarig bestaan plaquette


Volendam now has one professional club in FC Volendam and one amateur club in RKAV Volendam, but the two have their origins as the same club. RKAV Volendam (Roman Catholic

Heenvliet Bronzen plaque


Heenvliet was a fishing village on the Bornisse in Voorne-Putten. In 1469 the town received city rights, at the same time as a weekly market and a horse market. To

Bronze plaque with text and 3d images


In 1999, the Botterwerf Huizen Foundation was established. One of the aims of this Foundation was to be “facilitating the maintenance of classic ships”. Construction of the yard could start

Commissioned plaque, based on an historic piece of art


We use our 3D techniques not only for living persons or pets. We also convert works of art from ancient history into 3D statues or plaques. This time a beautiful

Dark Buste on a plaque family transfer


The son-in-law has formally taken over the grass and plant trading company. The father-in-law wanted to take a step back to spend more time on his family and other hobbies.

Duo bronze plaque after family transfer


Son recently formally took over the business. Father and mother take a step back to enjoy the fruits of their hard work. The son wanted to make clear they could